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Understand that aside from price, what stands out the most for a consumer when purchasing a vehicle is the protection that vehicle comes with.

So, starting with what your customers care about, we can develop a value proposition that will separate your advertising message in the marketplace.

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Hyundai started business in the United States in 1986 with the Excel nominated as the “Best Product #10” by Fortune Magazine. By 1999 they were going out of business. They implemented a 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty to turn business around – calling it America’s Best Warranty. By 2004 sales were up 360% from 1998 effectively saving the business in the US.

Later Hyundai bought the failing Kia brand, implemented the warranty, and turned sales around. Both brands now lead some markets in volume, proving how powerful a long term warranty is in the mind of the consumer.

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Just like Hyundai and Kia, we brand your store with a long term warranty product based on your market area and help center your advertising around that brand. Then we implement a process in the dealership to meet customer’s expectations at the point of contact.

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With the manufacturer constantly squeezing MSRP margins and disruptors like TrueCar driving gross profit down, we’ve developed value-based addendum products for your vehicles and a method to utilize them properly so your team can have a fighting chance at increasing gross per vehicle.

By focusing on what the consumer cares about, you can offer more value per vehicle while increasing your gross profit.

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