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Typical Sales Staff

For most car dealerships, 80% of your volume is done by 20% of your people. A typical sales staff can be split into 4 major segments:

  • A few top performers who excel every month.
  • Some regular contenders for the top spot who usually rank a little lower.
  • A middle-of-the-road group who are happy just to meet their metrics.
  • The last group regularly has trouble meeting their goals.

There might be an unusual month every now and again, but most salespeople pretty much stay in one of these groups.

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Break the Mold

We facilitate individual goal setting with each employees, month-end reviews, and performance reviews so you can measure varying skill sets equally. This allows you to better identify which employees are performing poorly in their roles.

Each group in our previous chart will strive to be better and your top performers will be stretched to aim for new heights.

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Cycle of Growth

With a consistent process in the dealership for all salespeople to follow we make it easier for new hires to understand what their roles and responsibilities are. We engage the entire team to assist in recruiting people that we want to be part of our team and letting go of our poor performers.

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[info_circle edge_radius=”80″ start_degree=”90″ eg_padding=”60″ icon_size=”36″ content_icon_size=”40″ eg_br_style=”dashed” eg_br_width=”1″ eg_border_color=”#f5f5f5″ auto_slide=”on” auto_slide_duration=”3″ highlight_style=”info-circle-pop” responsive_breakpoint=”800″][info_circle_item info_title=”Hiring” info_icon=”Defaults-user” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#fda527″]Bring fresh blood into the workplace. Have a proper new hire training course set in place to bring people up to speed quickly.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Goal Setting” info_icon=”Defaults-list-alt” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#fda527″]Outline expectations of work. Give tangible targets for the new employee to aim for, making goals increasingly harder to hit as they become more experienced.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Performance Reviews” info_icon=”Defaults-calendar” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#fda527″]Determine which employees are meeting their goals. Compare them month over month to see if you can reward exceptional performances or if any disciplinary action is needed.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Reward & Guide” info_icon=”Defaults-list-ol” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#fda527″]Lift up top performers and guide those who need help meeting their goals. Use weekly meetings to discuss goal progress.[/info_circle_item][info_circle_item info_title=”Promote & Clean House” info_icon=”Defaults-rocket” icon_bg_color=”#ffffff” icon_color=”#fda527″]Offer better pay plans or management positions to exceptional top performers and let go of continual poor performers. Open up opportunity for the rest of the team and outside hires.[/info_circle_item][/info_circle]

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